Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For the Record

Ok so I've been watching Britney Spears "Comeback" and to be 100% honest i'm not really into it. Don't get me wrong i love her she's a sweet girl who lost her way from sick people who fed on her like she was a dead animal on the side of the road. She makes true pop music. music that makes you happy music that makes you want to get up and dance. i Can say I'm a fan. i check the fan sites yada yada yada.. But truthfully I'm not at all as excited as when i heard "blackout" in my eyes that was her true comeback album. This CD entered her into a world far form her Songs like "soda pop" or "email my heart" would ever dream of. She hinted she was ready to grow up with "in the Zone" but blackout was her coming out party. There is catchy songs like "get naked" that basically make you want to get naked. Her opening single "gimme more" blows "womanizer" out the water. The only problem with "blackout" is it almost sounds like she wasn't there. in songs like "Radar", its a blend of her voice and another singer. Though the idea of blackout was a amazing one could only think if she put out the work she did into her OK CD "circus" Blackout would have been one of the best albums ever. I'm not saying that because I'm a crazy fan, I'm saying that because blackout reach out to everyone. You had your popy songs like "hot as ice", your hard hitting songs like, "get naked", gimme more", "break the ice"freakshow", "toy solider"etc. Her new album lacks originality, it seems like they were trying to put together all of her previous albums and give it a more mature feel. well even though the album went number one the Cd isn't up to par. Ok so here's a rating of the whole album. 
Womanizer: 9/10
Out From Under: 7/10
Kill the Lights: 7/10 (hot the first time you hear it then it gets old)
Shattered Glass:8/10 to old school Brit
If you seek Amy: 11/10 love this song
Unusual you: 8/10
Blur: 11/10 shows her voice and it has a beat that puts you in a trance.
mmm papi: ?/10 WTF IS THIS SHIT?
mannequin: 8/10 nice dance track but I've  heard before... like on every other pop album
Lace and Leather: 8/10 growing on me 
My Baby: 6/10 beautiful meaning but come on Brit....
Radar: ?/10 Why 
Rock me in: 5/10 see why its a bonus
phoneography: 8/10 should of been a track
Trouble: 10/10 should have been a track

 Ok so were not going to talk about 2007 MTV VMAs performances because it over done. But we are going to  talk about the 6 other she has done since then. 

Bambi Awards: 6.5/10. i give her that because it was her first since the vmas and she was nervous you could tell she just gave enough to show she was aware she was up there unlike last year but didn't push until the end at the dance break. For a split second i almost saw the old Britney then she kinda pulled back a bit. I like the whole set up with the gold ball and the amazing dancers, i just wish Brit danced a wee bit more. i know shes just getting her feet wet but wee bit more you know? And plus her confidence needs to be at a higher level, because everyone wants to see her do well!

Star Academy: 7/10 she was a Lil shaky in the start because the stage was so small but when she went in front of the crowd she gave it. she played with her shirt or whatever it was the performer we know and love. she didn't really hit it at the break though but she seemed a Lil more into it. Again confidence will help big time.

X-factor: 7.5/10  Though she didn't get good  reviews for it she danced more. she slung her hair around like old Brit she gave great eye contact, the only thing is confidences was down a bit once we get that up she will be back. i loved her at the dance break she almost was hinted to be the old preformer.

GMA: 7/10 a mess. i know people loved, but no.... The first song circus was stiff and forced, unlike the video where she was keeping up with the dancers, once she gets her confidence up she will be back at top. womanizer looked like she wanted to get it over with. they set up was cool but it was not what i should have been. They hyped it up soooo much i think Brit maybe was extra nervous i don't know what the issue was but you could see it in her face.

HEY! HEY! HEY!: 8/10: though that got really bad reviews from fans i loved it. she showed a higher confidence level though she lacked dance moves she moved a little more freely rather than stiff and forced. she seem at home up their rather than rushing it. 

NTV best artist 2008: 8/10 the confidence was good, it lacked moves and at the end seemed rushed but it a step better. 

Now that i rated them i want to explain my theory. as you can see my rates got better each time like with anything anyone does you get better over time and Britney has showed t improve little by little so by tour she will be fine i think. i just don't want her rushing into things i want her good for another 10 years she is a pop star that needs to last forever. 

All and All
Britney is the definitions of pop music! she knows how to sell a song. all she need to do is take time and prefect her stage preformes like old times and make them top notch because i hate saying this during her down time the world met many new pop artist who have a lot to offer. so she is holding that crown by the thread of her teeth. I'm saying that because if she is going to pt out half heart work move over for other artist who are ready to give it all. she has made her mark she has made her name a statement if she can only give as much as she is giving now she needs to give it up for a bit because she has kids who need her and us fans can wait a year or two more until she is back to tooooooooopppp notchhhh!! 

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